swan's sililoquy

A bad case of writer's blog



Hi my name is Duncan.

To be frank, writing the “about” section is probably the hardest part of this whole endeavour. Is it about the blog? My ideas? My intentions? I asked for some pointers, my flat-mate said porn, my friends said cats – which happen to be the two most googled topics on the internet, and my girlfriend said I only needed four words. Smart. Creative. Sexy. Beast.

However that makes me sound like a dick. Or into cat porn. Neither are true btw.

Instead this is about a book. My book. My first book.

This is about the process of getting it down on paper (so to speak), the draft, the edit, then on a hope and a prayer to a publisher. Then to the world.

This is about trial and error. About promoting awareness, and ultimately accountability. I need this to succeed. I know it will. This is simply another step in the right direction.

So sit back and watch as I find my way in the world of fiction publishing. What works. What doesn’t, and how I’m turning my dream into something real.

And, hopefully I manage to make it entertaining in the process..

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